Three brand new rock tracks with a pop style that’s going to get you singing along

SUCKERPUNCH! – “Game Time”
-As a rock fan and life long gamer, I definitely find a lot to enjoy with a song like this. The vocal mix on the chorus is really good. The imagery blends together sports with a relationship. It’s ultimately about taking the relationship seriously, “now it’s game time.” It’s an apt metaphor with a good pop-rooted punk rock sound. It feels like something that could have really popped off in the early 2000s high point of pop music on the radio (i.e. Good Charlotte style). But to be honest, it still works in the present.

Baltic – “Mind”
-I really enjoy the main melody of this song. The moving percussive energy keeps the track pressing forward while the vocal does a good job of inviting listeners into the song’s message. The central topic is a relationship, but it’s ultimately a breakup song talking about it being too late for the partner to change their mind. The main melodic riff is enjoyable and will get stuck in your head, all the while providing this good classic rock ‘n roll energy. It’s attitude, but keeps an uplifting and strong sense of forward momentum. The connection of rock styles blends mid 60s classic rock with late 80s Brit rock, all with a 21st century production panache.

Henry IX – “Karma”
-Something about the way the main guitar riff on this track resonates really works perfectly. The production mix with the lead vocal sits perfectly in the sound as well, creating a good balance that allows the listener to easily connect. The song is about the concept of karma, in other words how things come back to you in equal measure (good and bad) for what you give out. The song seems to have a strong sense of repetitive self reflection to it.

Image courtesy: Baltic IG

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