Three exciting new Americana tracks to show the vitality of the genre

Jackson Harden – “Dakota Blue Moon”
-Fans of traditional country music are going to find a lot to like from this tune by Jackson Harden. There’s a nice easy going swing to the track, confessional lyrics, a killer steel guitar, and an overall timeless sound. If you told me that this song was recorded in the early 60s, instrumentally I would buy that. The production, though, is really great. I love the blend of styles and the sincerity in the performance. There are so many people I’d love to share this with. Fans of Joe Purdy, in particular, will love this tune.

Last Birds – “Give It To Me”
-I only make this comparison about once a year, so understand that it’s rare… but this folk duo Last Birds reminds me of the Civil Wars. There’s an intimacy in the recording and an expressiveness in the acoustic guitar that works really well. In fact, they’re kind of a combination of the Civil Wars and a lot of the haunting chord work that makes the Milk Carton Kids so popular. This is an incredible band with an intriguing, intimate recording style. Lean in and listen close on this one; you will not be disappointed. PS – I’m pretty sure what they’re talking about here is “hopes and dreams” or maybe the box of crackerjacks while they watch Netflix together? If anyone else knows what “it” is… you know… leave a comment. 😉

Graham Farrow Knibb – “Reno”
-I’ve established that I’m a big fan of a well-played steel guitar, so I liked this track right away. Another thing I like about this song is that it feels so dang genuine. In a world with so many absolutely note-perfect performances, it’s great to hear something that feels real and authentic. You can hear the wavering in Knibb’s vocal, the vibrations of the strings, and the longsuffering sing of the steel guitar. This is what real country music is about. If I was a millionaire, I’d buy a radio station just to share music like this with everyone. Give it a spin, drop it a like, and support real art like this.

Image courtesy: Last Birds IG

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