A pair of songs with “commercial alt pop” descriptions that will win you over on first listen

Taylor Lenz – “1800HEARTLESS”
-The heartbreak song is not new, per se, but this version of it feels like it’s a fresh new take on a timeless style. There’s a bit of a pop Taylor Swift angle to this one, but it’s a different Taylor behind the writing. Lenz brings plenty of attitude and accessible declarations of independence. The lyrics call out the offending party for being heartless, for being “fake” and pretending to like her without having genuine feelings. It’s a damning take on the relationship with all-too-relatable lyrics for many listeners.

Gabrielle Grace – “Want You Bad Anyway”
-There’s an energy to this track that makes it feel both intimate and movingly “pop.” Gabrielle Grace writes with a style a bit reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac. The folksy rock energy propels the track, while the delicate lyrics outline the realities of desire in the midst of complex relationships. Grace encourages the subject of the song to just relax and enjoy the shared desires. It’s sweet and something you might want to share with that special someone in your own life.

Image courtesy: Taylor Lenz IG

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