Three excellent indie folk singer songwriters that remind you why you love music

Peter Groppe – “Sleeptalking”
-The acoustic work on this song stands out right away. Groppe’s vocal is outstanding as well. The mood feels a bit like a mid 20th century folk revival style. The delicate vocal harmonies are absolutely my favorite part of the song. There’s a beautiful balance in this song between the rhythmic movement and the gentle vocal intonation. This is really a special piece of songwriting and I hope many people will find it part of their regular music rotation.

Natalie Del Carmen – “Love in Vain”
-There’s a wonderful lightness in the recording here that allows the piano and guitar to dance together. The vocal soars over the backing, allowing listeners to follow the lyrics. It’s about making a commitment and not just “loving in vain.” Our love ought to have purpose, so I agree with this sentiment for sure. The layered orchestral element of the song reminds me of a folk band called The Oh Hellos that we covered years ago. That’s high praise as they won album of the year a while ago. Del Carmen deserves to be in that sort of company.

Sarah Gross – “Killjoy”
-The acoustic guitar on this track pops right away. Then Gross enters with a delightful, sweet and endearing vocal part. It’s the kind of song that feels good with the mood of the track, but some of the lyrics are a bit sad. The vocal harmony on “got a little taste of freedom” really works well. It’s a narrative folk song and I don’t want to spoil the storyline, so I’ll just say you’ll enjoy if you listen to the whole track. Fans of Taylor Swift (in modern context) or Reba McIntyre (for the older crowd) will find a lot to like about the story, wordplay, and killer performance.

Image courtesy: Sarah Gross IG

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