Three indie pop tracks that will bring some chill to your week

Tinsley – “Dust”
-There’s a magical energy to this song that hits right from the opening. It’s got a sense of space that I rarely hear in other recordings. Tinsley writes with intimacy and connection, allowing the guitar and piano to create a real mood. Once the full band comes in, the track turns a bit more toward pop rock. But the star of the show is definitely Tinsley’s quality vocal work. It’s understated in places, but always conveys a sense of intimacy and charm. This is a good one for fans of indie pop.

Trippy Fawx – “I Believe”
-The comp that I heard for Trippy Fawx was Mac Ayres, almost instantly. The repeated lyric, “I believe in you. I believe it’s true” sets the mood and direction for the song. There’s an underlying humility that I appreciate in the song. It’s a song that feels like both a love song and perhaps a philosophical declaration. The trippy, dreamlike quality of the composition feels right at home in the indie pop realm currently. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear that there’s some psychedelic influences in Trippy Fawx’s creative process. It’s definitely a vibe my dudes.

Tinsley – “Stay”
-There’s a dreamy energy to this composition that’s sure to stand out for fans of indie pop right away. The moving rhythmic structure of the song feels like a mashup of classic pop songwriting with contemporary pop production… and it really works. Tinsley’s vocal style creates a sense of intimacy while also soaring in some places in the track. It’s a song that will be right at home on our Emerging Indie Pop playlist. If you’re a fan of this kind of music, you’ll love that track. Go give Tinsley some spins!

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