Dream Pop singer songwriter Cati Landry’s new song “Mind’s Eye”

Cati Landry – “Mind’s Eye”
-If you’ve been following my coverage of pop singer songwriters for any length of time, this song curation will not be surprising. It’s easy to hear how talented Cati Landry is with each line on this track. The melody moves along with a pleasant energy, but it’s the vocal that really makes it shine. I appreciate how the main melodic structure feels like it blends together elements of pop and contemporary rock music for something palatable yet energetic. Landry’s lyrical theme teases the way that we think back about a broken relationship with an almost drug-like blurriness about what was and what we (kinda sorta) wish still was. It’s about uncertainty and the way our minds distort moments from our past, particularly when it comes to heartache.

Image courtesy: Cati Landry IG

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