Three folk singer songwriters that will help you fall in love with music again

Northwest Stories – “Buy My Folks a House”
-The harmonies on this song are why I approved it. I don’t need to say anything else, really. Just listen to it. The songwriting is beautiful, the lyrics are delightful, and the harmonies are outstanding. It’s ultimately a song about trying to make it in the world but not being able to fulfill your dreams. Many of us can relate to the main ideas here. I really appreciate the quality of the vocal harmonies here and I think they help to punctuate the perspective of the lead vocalist. These failures to meet our dreams are not individual, after all. They are collective. This is a beautiful song about a relatable theme.

Loryn Taggart – “Tell Me How”
-Every once in a while I run across a voice that stops me in my tracks. Loryn Taggart has one of those voices. Fans of soul and jazzy pop music are going to find a lot to like about this song. Taggart’s writing comes to life with each expressive, emotional line. It’s about having someone in your life to teach you and direct you through life’s challenges. The cool horns are an excellent feature, the piano provides a great foundation, the rhythm section feels chill, but it’s Taggart’s vocals that really soar. The harmonies on “betting woman” is the high point of the song. This has legit timeless hit potential.

Ariana Fig – “Cherry Coke”
-Even if I wasn’t a fan of Cherry Coke (and I do), I would really like this song. The opening piano motif carries through some intriguing lyrics that immediately stand out. The lyric “I wanna try forgiveness so I can let you go.” It’s a beautiful sentiment that’s sure to resonate with a lot of folks who have had to navigate conflict. Fig writes with a thoughtful style, prodding the listener to think in more sophisticated ways than one might expect from a narrative folk tune. It’s worth time and consideration, for sure.

Image courtesy: Ariana Fig IG

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