Three new tracks in the indie pop and indie rock world that will surprise you (in a good way!)

Good Morning Bedlam – “Vampire girl”
-Horns! Creative songwriting! Harmonies! It’s not hard to hear why I like this song so much. There’s something about the clever lyrical concept that makes me happy. I like the chord progressions and the energy in the chord changes. At first glance the lyrical concept of a vampire seems a bit dark, but it’s just a metaphor to convey the message. The harmonies, though, are the thing that makes me go from liking this song to love. It’s a really interesting folksy yet poppy sound from Good Morning Bedlam, so I’ll definitely be looking for more from them.

Jet City Sports Club – “Drug Store (Waste My Time)”
-I really like this song. The lead vocal, in particular, is incredible. The up tempo rock guitars do a nice job of setting the sound for the quality vocal over the top. The lyrical style is simple about spotting someone to consider romantically, yet the depth of the writing gives insight into the emotions swirling in the moment. It’s got a sound that is easy to listen to while conveying an intriguing lyrical message.

BOYDRIVE – “Falling in love”
-There’s a lightness to this song that struck me right away as enjoyable. The comparison that pops into mind for me with this one is Owl City. The optimism in the lyrical hypothesis, “I think I’m falling in love” is relatable to anyone who has felt that “falling in love” emotion. The expressive songwriting and easy going melody works together really well. The transition in the vocal into and out of the falsetto is actually very well done. The whole song feels right for the indie pop sound we tend to feature.

Image courtesy: Good Morning Bedlam IG

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