3 Absolute Danceable Post Punk Anthems

Two-Man Giant Squid – “Progress”

If we were in charge of programming a hip radio station, this would be blaring each hour. It makes us simultaneously want to dance and rage in equal measure. The Brooklyn act have a post punk flare to them that feels combustible. After dropping a well received EP, the act are prepping a release for August which will further catapult them to the top of playlists and hearts. Their searing rock style is perfect for the pessimistic and exhausted current state of living.

Fake Parents – “Do You Like Money”

This Orange County act have strong Foals vibes we cannot get enough of. With their biting social commentary and danceable riffs, Fake Parents meet the moment with “Do You Like Money”. Fake Parents feel like they can do anything stylistically and it would be undeniably cool. We have not been this excited to hear what an act does next in quite awhile. They are a sure talent with great band chemistry and something poignant to say.

Youth Sector – “Won’t Stop the Wheel”

Recently, we have heard a few bands keeping the creative spirit of the Talking Heads alive. Youth Sector are undeniably at the center of this. Their ability to make listeners move without thinking is Byrne ‘esque, while their lyrics are both biting and inspiring. They sound like a band that is having fun, regardless of circumstance. Their art rock style dips into the sound of our own hometown heroes DEVO, but remains a little more accessible. We have covered Youth Sector a few times recently and find them to be one of the more compelling and thoughtful acts of recent memory.

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