Three fantastic groups bringing exciting indie folk to improve your summer playlist

Cattle and Cane – “IOU”
-If you like good harmonies and handclaps, you’ve come to the right place! This track has an energy that will put a smile on your face. From the first time I clicked play on it, I felt a really good vibe. There are calm sections and then more lively sections, but the dynamics are excellent. “Tonight I double down… no time for hesitation.” Yes, exactly. If you’ve ever had a night where you decided to just let go, this song will be relatable. There’s a soulful variation on the bridge that’s worth waiting for as well. This is an artful, fun track that captures a timeless theme of explaining away a series of bad decisions.

Killer Cashew – “Skeleton man”
-There’s a desperation in the vocal on this song that just immediately makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. I can’t quite put into words what it is, but it’s got a sort of Freddie Mercury sense of urgency and passion to it. The harmonies feel like a mid-60s rock band, but the overall composition feels like an amalgamation of music history. Fans of classic music of all sorts will find a lot to like about this song and this band, but really it’s got a fresh contemporary edge to it as well. Fans of indie folk, especially with some experimental characteristics, will find a lot to like from this captivating and innovative style.

Virens – “Three leaf clover”
-I like the opening section of this song, but I love the high-low harmonies. There’s an intimacy on this track that I haven’t heard since… (big gulp) the Civil Wars. I know that’s a huge comparison to make for any folk duo, but I mean it with these two. The guitar has that gentle contemplative style and the harmonies are exquisite. If you are looking for an intimate folk duo, definitely give this one a spin. The lyrical message is intriguing, but it’s the harmony that really does it for me. Also I can’t believe this is a demo. I can’t wait to hear what this duo will do in the future!

Image courtesy: Virens IG

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