Album Review – Coveralls: Songs from the Imagination Movers

This review is a bit outside of our normal coverage here on EarToTheGround. But since we cover indie pop music, hopefully some of our readers from that subgenre will enjoy this energetic new album Coveralls: Songs from the Imagination Movers. If you think you have heard of the Imagination Movers, it’s because you probably have. They have a show streaming on Disney Plus!

The first track on this album might just be my favorite! It’s “Happy,” an up tempo pop jam that encourages listeners to sing along. The handclap energy is infectious. The production value is excellent and, to be frank, it doesn’t sound like a “kids’ song” in the conventional sense.

The second track is “My favorite snack,” a bit of a silly song in the vein of hip pop style music with a fun whisper track (like a bedroom soul song) asking about favorite snacks. It encourages kids to make healthy food choices. The production style doesn’t feel like a match for the message, but it’s sure to make listeners (both adults and kids) laugh. The hip hop b-boy style break is hilarious and fun.

“Springtime” has a ska flavor to it. It’s about enjoying the new season after winter being a “bummer.” It’s good for learning about the seasons. The following “Work together” has more of a pop ballad style to it. The lead vocal croons the main lyrical line about cooperation.

“Rollin'” has a country style to it. The upbeat style encourages movement, which is what the song is all about. It is all about getting out and moving. “Can you do it” has a pop rock excitement to it. There are elements of the song (the doo wops in the background, especially) that make it feel like mid-20th century rock music. The lyrics encourage achievement and working at something you want to learn to do. It’s a whole song of encouragement.

The last track on the album is the sweet “Butterfly,” which sonically reminds me a bit of early 90s alt rock music. The layered harmonies and unconventional rhythm make the song really stand out from others on the album. The overall style brings the album to conclusion with a lighthearted reflection on life flitting around as a butterfly. It’s almost meditative.

The main takeaway from the album is that these are songs that would make Fred Rogers proud. They are sonically solid while being lyrically family oriented. They are fun and you can put this on in a family setting. The content is easy going and “Happy” in particular is sure to get the whole family clapping and singing along.

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