Three beautiful calm acoustic folk songs to make your day

Baby God – “Heaven of my own”
-The acoustic guitar on this song is really wonderful. The vocal harmonies are really nice as well. The whole composition comes together for a gentle and easy going style. Fans of 60s era folk revival will find a lot to like about this style. Some of the creative chord changes remind me a bit of Paul Simon and more recently of Darlingside. This evocative tune will certainly have listeners contemplating the lyrics and meaning for many listens to come.

toloveasyou – “How to love again”
-There’s an approachable charm to this track that won me over right away. The acoustic and the vocals work really well together here. The lyrical concept of learning to love again is one that is relatable for a lot of folks. In a world with so much pain and heartache, people often get jaded. This song is a beautiful reminder of the importance of opening up vulnerability to be love and be loved again. The delicate vocal harmonies do a nice job of helping to deliver this gentle yet important message.

Josephine – “Sounds wrong”
-The acoustic guitar provides a base to this song that allows for beautiful vocal harmonies to emerge. There’s a crispness to the vocal mix on the main chorus that is exceptional. The lyrics are intriguing; “meant to say I love you, but instead I said goodbye.” It feels like a complex relationship issue that will need to be worked through, but articulating the emotions here is sure to connect with listeners. The vocal harmonies have some natural sounds that feel comfortable and sweet, yet some other sections feel a bit more discordant to parallel the lyrics of the song. It’s quite well done.

Image courtesy: Josephine IG

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