Three atmospheric and charming new rock tracks for your late spring playlists

Modern Alibi – “Silver Spoon”
-When I tell my friends that I’m a fan of indie rock music, this is the kind of song I mean. It’s got attitude, energy, and a punctuated style of percussion that begs that the listener move along. The lyrical core is about a privileged love interest who doesn’t seem to “get it” sometimes. The gritty rock energy works really well as a backdrop for a message about class difference and disconnection. The expressive style on the vocal is perfect for expressing the sincerity of the track’s underlying critical message. This is a rock fan’s rock track.

palmboy – “Complacent”
-There’s an energy to this track that hit for me right away. “…now I’m 26 and I don’t feel that special… take a break from feeling numb to walk my dog and bite my tongue.” Honestly, all of the lyrics are both this emotional and this clever. The song has a style to it unlike anything I’ve ever heard and that’s a good thing. The forward moment of the track is really good, contradicting the melancholy lyrics in a meaningful way. As the lyrics point out, we’re all a little… “messed up” in the head. It’s an everyman’s anthem for the darkness that’s inside of us all. It’s a great example of how it can be okay to address dark themes with a bright and optimistic style.

Isak Daun – “Gotta love the breeze”
-This is a summer track — full stop. The easy going rhythm and style begs to have a drink to sip while listening. The smoothness of the vocal is really perfect for the beach or just an evening on the front porch. It’s a song that cultivates contentment despite the circumstances of “leaving it all behind.” Funny enough, it’s kind of a blues song conceptually, even though the music style is more along the lines of chill rock. Fans of mid-70s pop rock are going to find a lot to like about the peaceful easy feeling of this one. It’s definitely one that will work well for a cookout and summertime playlist.

Image courtesy: Modern Alibi IG

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