Three tracks for fans of folk, folk rock, and amazing songwriting

Midnight Pilot – “Broke again”
-Folks who have been reading my music coverage for years now will hear why I like this song immediately. The songwriting is outstanding. The chromatic chord progression is so satisfying. The vocal is excellent. The whole mood of the track is a sort of bluesy song about longing to be with someone, but it’s got this optimism to it that I find absolutely intoxicating. I like this song so much I am putting it on my song of the year candidate list. There’s so much to like and the more you listen the more your ear picks out; I mean, heck, I would cover this song for the harmonies alone, but the organ is *chef’s kiss*. This is a gem and the reason you read music blogs… to find a song like this!

Jamie Turner – “Come back and see me”
-From first listen, I immediately thought of some classic folk rock acts. Actually, I have a hard time NOT hearing the Beatles with this sound. That is, of course, high praise. There accessible lyrics and overall beat remind me of early to mid career Beatles. The song seems like it has a simple premise, but there are some really wonderful classic rock guitar riffs and blues-influenced flourishes. The combination of an easy to follow lead vocal and lyrics that connect makes this a must-listen track for me.

Calm Canopy – “Grano”
-This song is a VIBE, y’all. It’s a love song with a chill acoustic groove. The mood of the song is what does it for me. It’s about falling in love with your best friend (big relate for me). There’s a kind of Jack Johnson feel at times, but with less island and more just chill style. I keep thinking that it feels like an urban style, but I don’t really know what that means. I think it’s just that the song has a cosmopolitan energy that reminds me of how I felt the first time I heard John Mayer. No matter the comp, this is a track that’s sure to find a lot of fans among acoustic folk, especially those with more of an adult contemporary bent.

Image courtesy: Jamie Turner IG

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