Three indie rock tracks that will upend your assumptions about the genre

Bad Ape – “I want to fly”
-The dynamic production on this song is absolutely impressive. I’ve been covering indie rock for over a decade and this is one of the best tracks I’ve heard in terms of pure production. I appreciate how the guitars manage the space well, allowing the higher pitched vocal to rise over the sound. It’s not a particularly heavy rock sound, yet it still manages to convey a lot of raw emotion. I have a huge appreciation for a band that can have such expressive vocal harmonies at high energy that synthesize well together. This is a unique one for us, but glad to support it here.

Slimdan – “Problem solver”
-Oh man these lyrics are so relatable. If you’ve ever been in a relationship trying to solve someone’s problems for them, this will connect. The lyrics are about the process of learning to just listen and showing up. It’s a mature theme delivered with a really charming indie folksy rock style that I dig. The whole vibe reminds me of a few old friends of mine who make music and I got to watch “come of age” over the years. The self awareness it takes to write a song like this is impressive in its own right, but to do so with such a witty, snappy energy is actually so endearing. I dig this a lot.

Van Berg – “Mud”
-You gotta love a rock song with a straightforward rhythm that gets your toes tapping. This has shades of mid-90s alt rock for me (Offspring comes to mind), while at the same carving out a relatable and accessible pop rock style that works in the 2020s. The lyric about “distraction to the pass time” hit me a bit harder than I care to admit. The combination of guitar, moving percussion, and escapist lyrics all make for what feels like a quintessential indie rock track. Yet, despite saying that, I can’t think of a band that does all of this in quite this way. I feel like the mid-90s punk in me would have played this until the speakers popped. It’s great.

Image courtesy: Bad Ape IG

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