Three folk rock tracks that will get your toes tapping

Fantastic Cat – “Keep me in your heart”
-Take a Tom Petty vibe with a dash of Dylan’s styling and you have this track from Fantastic Cat. I realize those are some big names to drop, but I guarantee you’ll hear it by the end of the first line. The other band these guys remind me of is Dawes. The Americana vibes on this one are quite evident with an impassioned organ, fantastic guitars, and a delightfully idiosyncratic lead vocal. The whole sound has a classic energy to it. The vocal harmonies on the chorus are just… chef’s kiss. This is a great track.

The Prairie Joggers – “Move along”
-There’s so much to like about this sound. There’s a definite Tom Petty energy to this composition. The throwback folk rock style works really well here. From the very first line you can tell it’s a song with a bit of attitude to it. The lyrics are all about moving on, or moving along when life presents challenges. The blues guitar style does a great job of adding texture to the song. The organ does a great job of setting the mood as well. This one is for the timeless old souls out there.

Signal Pine – “For you”
-The contemplative acoustic energy of this song struck me right away from first listen. Something about the way that first electric guitar line hits reminds me of something George Harrison would have written. The thoughtful lyrics are every bit a love song. As the track picks up energy toward more of a traditional rock track, it carries conviction in the lyrics as well as the instrumentation. The ebb and flow of the track has colorful dynamics that parallel the emotions of the lyrics. This is a masterful piece of songwriting and with a beautiful chromatic melodic structure. I hope a lot of people will listen to this one and share it with friends.

Image courtesy: Fantastic Cat IG

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