Three folk singer songwriters you’ll want for your March playlists

Noah Derksen – “You got a hold on me”
-If you’re looking for a chilled out folk love song, give this track a spin. Derksen has this impeccable ability to express emotions with every line that he writes. The energy of the track is definitely quite chill, but shows off the fact that he has fully fallen for the other person in the song. The chilled out energy is perfect for a coffeeshop or other relaxing playlist style.

Don Brownrigg – “Say”
-This is one of the most relaxing songs I’ve heard in a long time. Fans of Americana will really adore this one. By Americana, I mean classic American music influences that vary from pop to country to even a bit of jazz, this feels like it was pulled straight from the canon of classic music. There’s an orchestral style to this song that I absolutely love as well. If you think folks stopped making “real music” years ago, give this a spin. It restores faith that real people play real music for real emotional expression even, yes, in 2023.

Caleb J. Murphy – “My own shadow”
-Okay so I like the opening of this song, but I love the vocal harmonies on this song. I would have approved this song on that alone. But the lyrics are about a man inheriting his father’s books… and if you know anything about me, you know that I love books. This song feels so familiar and connected for me, it’s actually kind of disarming. I have no idea if it will resonate with other people like it did for me, but I find it quite exceptional. Fans of the harmonies found in Darlingside and the expressive truth telling from someone like Noah Gundersen will find a lot to like in this exceptional song. Look for more on this one in December.

Image courtesy: Caleb J Murphy IG

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