Three tracks that throw genre conventions right out the window blending Americana, rock, and folk rock

Thomas Sartor – “Dark twisted path”
-Call it “alt country.” Call it “rock n’ roll.” Call it “folk rock.” I just call it a darn good song. Sartor writes with a bit of a timeless style that feels like it could have been written any time from about 1950 until the present. The vocal has an approachable sincerity to it. The allegorical, expressive lyrics are certainly a product of the last century (and I mean that as a compliment). The electric guitar solo, personable vocals, and overall mood of the track has a timeless appeal that’s sure to stand out for our Americana readers. This one was an unexpected gem and we’re happy to support it here.

Brooke Law – “Busy on the weekend”
-This is a rock jam with a ton of attitude. I’m not sure what she’s doing when she’s busy on the weekend, but she sure makes it sound fun! The energy here reminds me a bit of Grace Potter and that bluesy energetic rock style. The beat feels like a danceable groove that’s fit for… um… a party. There’s something about the expressive vocal style that definitely makes the song feel like it has a “devil may care” loose and free style. This one is free wheeling rock and we’re going to need this one in our own rock playlist.

Gabrielle Grace – “Two sides”
-The vocal quality from Gabrielle Grace is really something special. The backing track on this track might not fit typical Americana styling, but let me tell you this is a sincere piece of storytelling and songwriting. Close your eyes and enjoy the harmonic energy of this beautiful song from Grace. The lyrics have a poetic syntax and encourage the listener to connect with the emotions of the track. The subtle harmonies are one of my favorite parts of this engaging song.

Image courtesy: Brooke Law IG

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