The Freshest Rock Acts

Bingo Boys – “Donuts”

We love how combustible and utterly unhinged “Donuts” is. The new track from rockers Bingo Boys has everything we love about music: A solid punk ethos, energy to spare, and a tight sonic talent that left us wanting to hear more. The Indianapolis act have a rare band chemistry we admire and believe their best days as artists are ahead of them.

The Luka State – “Two Worlds Apart”

If you remember our first post on this act from January, you will know just how much we love this act. The UK rockers have a Guthrie spirit and earnest work ethic. The Luka State have an intensity that serves them well in the genre. “Two Worlds Apart” is another solid effort from the talented act and a shining example of all that is good in rock music.

Blondfire – “Age of Innocence”

We LOVE this track. “Age of Innocence” is a brilliant introduction to a tight rock leaning act due for a meteoric rise. After touring with the likes of Foals and Awolnation, and playing festivals like Lollapalooza, the act have carried a tight chemistry into the studio. You can tell how the touring helped them mature as an act. “Age of Innocence” starts with a hopeful “can we go back to the beginning?” What is clear to us, is that after this track, there may be no going back to an under the radar act.

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