Undeniable Talent: Jax Hollow IS a Star

Jax Hollow – “Wolf in Sheepskin”

We were a little nervous to do this piece. While we receive TONS of new music daily, every now and then we are given a hidden gem that has the power to make us smile uncontrollably. This is when we know we have a hit that demands to be shared with the world. While a treasure for the music critic, it’s description can take on more importance, manifesting into pressure to “get it right”. Young songwriter Jax Hollow gave us such a reaction with her incredibly tight songwriting and virtuoso guitar playing. Her musical ability is distinct and refined but also great to jam to. It comes as no surprise that she is a Berklee grad.

In “Wolf in Sheepskin”, the artist hones her revival rock sound, playing as someone who’s talent is way beyond her years. It would be easy to get lost in her incredibly smooth guitar riffs, but make no mistake, her songwriting is top notch. We were reminded of so many artists in which to compare her, but perhaps Sheryl Crow would be the best. Though an incomplete comparison, Crow has always been a storyteller first and with that, her wit and confidence pours out, connecting her to a larger audience. Hollow does the same. With the May release of her album “Only the Wild Ones”, we predict a meteoric rise for this undeniable talent.

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