Thoughtful Indie Rock Tracks to Distract

Hanging Valleys – “Pistol Shrimp”

It would be difficult to express just how many things we love about this act. The ambient rock act craft the perfect dreamy track with “Pistol Shrimp”, which could easily find itself in a plethora of indie films and ad placements. It is delicate, ethereal, and demands listeners attention. The UK act build an earnest soundscape that speaks of a greater talent. With their latest release, the band deserve a spot on every rising indie rock list and playlist there is.

Tractor Beam – “Nothing Lasts”

This one has a strong Pavement vibe we cannot get enough of. While we love everything about the track, our favorite part is the way the music develops, while enveloping the listener like a perfect plush couch of sound. “Nothing Lasts” carries an existential message, but it is still strangely optimistic. The band has a DIY approach, which comes out in the carefully crafted tracks. We think listeners will play this on repeat.

Erika Wester – “Goodbye Let’s Meet Again”

Honestly, we could listen to this songwriter croon the dictionary and be absolutely enthralled. Her vocals are matched by her tight songwriting and near perfect instrumentation. The NY songwriter gave us some major Jessica Lea Mayfield vibes, while still managing to sound modern and emerging. Hitting on many familiar emotions, Wester finds a way to invite listeners inside before breaking their collective hearts. Her’s is a rare talent.

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