Three captivating emerging singer songwriters – Cathartic Fall, Noah Derksen, and Christian Björk

Cathartic Fall – “All my love”
-The copy for this track uses the phrase, “perfect for walking down the aisle.” I couldn’t agree more, honestly. It’s got this gorgeous energy to it. The atmospheric elements do a good job of setting the context for the beautiful vocal style. The phrasing and overall composition of this song has a ton of intentionality. There are elements of big time 80s pop mixed with cinematic electronic layers. The blend is unlike anything you’ve heard before, but the emotions of the song are carefully accessible. When you listen to this you will feel something.

Noah Derksen – “Sanctity of Silence”
-We’ve covered Derksen here in the past, so some of you will already be familiar with his work. This song definitely fits within the classic folk singer songwriter tradition. The expressive emotional delivery on the lyrics is really impressive. Derksen reminds me of another Noah we’ve covered a good bit here, Gundersen. That’s about the highest praise I can give. The folk duo harmonies on this track really make it go from good to great. The “sanctity of silence” captures an intimate connection quite well. It takes a special person who allows you to just be restful and peaceful in silence with them. This song captures that emotion and sincerity quite well.

Christian Björk – “Wild and free”
-If you ever had a summer fling, this song is for you. It’s a beautiful, cathartic acoustic song. The thing about this song, though, is that I’m not sure if I believe it. What I mean is that I’m not sure I’m convinced there are “no regrets.” The song is evidence that there’s still some romance that exists. I’m not here to make a philosophical statement, but I would say that’s okay for there to still be some romance there. It’s okay for it to exist in the past with a sort of timelessness to it. It’s a beautiful piece of writing that will probably conjure up some long-forgotten emotions; that’s okay. The guitar, the lyrics, and the emotions are all amazing on this thoughtful track.

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