Three indie folk tunes that will help you feel a sense of calm this weekend

Arbour Season – “Idaho”
-This is a remarkable song that won me over right away. The easy going guitar work sets a nice base before two beautiful voices fill the spaces. It’s a song about the state of Idaho, but it’s also about how memories shape our identities. The subtle, sweet melody on this track is really something special. The mood of the track is really what sets it apart. If you’re looking for a sweet indie folk duo, look no further than the husband and wife duo of Arbour Season.

Gretchen Pleuss – “Hills are on fire”
-Gretchen Pleuss has a gorgeous voice. You don’t need more than about 10 seconds of the song to hear that. The expressive acoustic style here feels comfortable and inviting. The clarity of Pleuss’ vocal is as endearing as it is moving. The poetic lyrics do a wonderful job of pulling the listener into an introspective mood. Feeling sometimes like a diary entry, the confessional lyrical style has a sincere intimacy to it. This is a wonderful example of an acoustic folk singer songwriter putting her heart on her sleeve for our enjoyment. Beautiful.

Shane and the Open Field – “What now?”
-Coming to the folk world with more of an upbeat rock bent, Shane and the Open Field bring a moving anthem. The instrumentation features a classic folk rock instrumentation with guitars, bass, and drums propelling the song along nicely. The lyrics are about the uncertainty after the end of a relationship. The guitar work, especially the solos, feel particularly good on the track. It’s an unassuming but satisfying folk rock tune for fans of artists like Tom Petty.

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