Three indie pop jams to liven up your life this early February

Cy Wheeler – “Nirvana t-shirt”
-I was hooked on this track right away. The beat and groove of this track is immediately energizing. Then these lyrics… whew. They hit a bit too personally, with a focus on the dopamine that we get from being online so much. The danceable groove about the nostalgic Nirvana t-shirt works as a lyrical contrast to the rapid sensationalism of the Internet. The repeated line, “live by the algorithm” is mesmerizing and damning all in one fell swoop. This is an intriguing lyrical message with an absolutely fantastic moving melody. I really hope it catches on because this is a track that should have a wide audience.

Jacob Steele – “Walk with me”
-The pacing on this track is delicious. The energy keeps moving while the understated effect on the vocal hits right in the sweet spot, allowing the listener to understand every word but without the vocal being too theatrical. The balance of this song feels undeniably comfortable. It’s an invitation to join the protagonist, to walk and talk together. There’s a real sense of community and connection to the song. The groove makes it easy to get moving or dance, but the message is focused on that interpersonal connection. I dig it.

EMMY – “Cool girl”
-From the first time I clicked play on this song, it felt “different” in the best way possible. This is what I mean when I say a song “stands out from the crowd.” Production wise you can hear elements from artists like Lizzy McAlpine all the way to Taylor Swift. The range in the song actually is a feature, showing a beautiful versatility. EMMY’s vocal is the star of the show, of course. There’s a clarity and sincerity in the vocal that is echoed with a straightforward lyrical message. It’s got the kind of inspiration and self-confidence that is perfect for 21st century audiences.

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