Three acoustic folk tracks to make the past and present collide with beautiful music

Brook St. – “Steady steady”
-The lyrical concept of this track rests on the concept of stability, steadiness, and consistency. It’s such an inspiring, beautiful image. The harmonies and overall structure of the song support the lyrical message quite well. The cascading harmonies on the chorus, in particular, are quite engaging. I adore the subtlety of the track, passing the lead vocal between the duo, all while maintaining a consistent message. This could work on a variety of playlists within folk subgenres as well. It’s a gem.

Eli Waltz and Hannah Wyatt – “Rosie”
-According to the submission, this is a song from 2023, but I could be easily convinced that this song is from 1923. There’s an old time sincerity in this song that I find quite intriguing. The lead vocal is strong, with a subtle folk harmony that makes the main narrative melody feel connected. The plunks of the banjo alongside the main guitar melody works for a fascinating bit of folksy timelessness. The fiddle solo gives an additional texture that works well, also. This is the kind of song that transcends genre. Call it folk, call it Americana, but we can all agree it’s a wonderful timeless tune.

Tanner Lackey – “Wayfaring stranger” (Public domain cover)
-If you’re a fan of folk music, you’ve probably heard a version of this classic tune before. This cover by Tanner Lackey started off well, but the more I listened I just couldn’t click away. It’s captivating and really seems to capture the mysterious nature of the song. Think of the thousands of people who have listened to this dark poetic tune, then realize that here we are in the 21st century connecting with it as well. The haunting melody is met with an equally intriguing harmonic structure for a version of a classic unlike anything you’ve heard before.

Image courtesy: Brook St. IG

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