Three new tracks in the Americana and alt country space that you’ll want for your playlists

The 2:19 – “Broken harmony blues”
-The opening line of this song is about drinking away your blues. It doesn’t get much more Americana than that. The piano is the defining force of this song, but the bluesy vocals do a pretty good job of moving it along as well. The moment the harmony enters with “I have been lovin you a little too long,” the song really takes off. These are the kind of sincere harmonies that make a good song great. There’s a real sense of heartache in the lyrics mixed with sublime melodies from the piano. It’s a song that brings together the past and present with a beautiful synergy.

Anthony Miller – “Chattanooga Moon”
-I’ve never heard a song quite like this engaging new track from Anthony Miller. The guitar feels like a comfortable folk acoustic style, but then there’s this chamber folk element that twists the song in some provocative ways. It feels like something that would have Chris Thile’s fingerprints on it. The experimental or unconventional elements make it feel truly unique. The mood of the track shifts from light to dark and back again a few times. It’s a song that’s pretty hard to explain, but in a good way. Spin it and let us know what you think in the comments below.

The Ruralists – “Before we know”
-I appreciate the sincerity of this song; it struck me right away as a “good” song sonically but a particularly moving song lyrically. The opening section about “shouting myself hoarse” definitely rings true for the editors of this site (both educators). There’s a sincerity to the track that focuses on advocating for folks and situations that need support, but it’s so very exhausting to constantly be standing up in this way. The clean lines from the electric guitar keep the song moving along with a real alt country vibe; the nudge toward a more gentle approach is a welcome, one might say fruitful, suggestion that we’re happy to support. Thanks for this one. <3

Image courtesy: Anthony Miller IG

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  1. Luke Hawley

    Thanks for the love, Greg. Astute observation about educators shouting themselves hoarse—I hadn’t thought of it that way, but I am an educator and it certainly fits.

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