Three contemporary singer songwriters that echo great songwriters of the past

George Pelham – “Better every day”
-I’ve listened to this song several times and each time I think of the great George Harrison. The mix of folk and rock elements on the track feels good from start to finish. The energy on the chorus echoes the jubilation of falling in love. The hopefulness in the lyrics on the verses fits the overall message of the track well. It’s a song that feels like it’s made for pop radio, with plenty of positive vibes and a chord structure that matches. This is a good song.

Zan Fiskum – “Run to me”
-If you’ve been around my coverage for the past few years, you’ll recognize the name Zan Fiskum. This song has a wonderful bluesy soulful sound that works perfect with Fiskum’s incredible vocal style. The soaring lines on the chorus work perfect with the mood of the track. It’s sort of a bluesy vibe, crying out to be with someone. The throwback comparison for Fiskum is someone like Donna Summer, who made a career of singing soulful tracks with powerful vocals. This is a song that, if given the right airplay, could absolutely be a transcendent hit.

Tolan Shaw – “Meet you”
-If you’re a fan of introspective folk songwriters, you’ll find a lot to like with Tolan Shaw’s “Meet you.” The overall energy of the song feels more contemporary, but the spirit is grounded in a parental rather than a romantic relationship. The imagination of the lyrics makes for a captivating sound. It might not be the comparison that others would hear, but I feel a kind of James Taylor energy on this song. Shaw’s hopeful perspective looking forward to parenting bodes well. It’s a really sweet song and listeners who are also parents might feel a few tears leaking out; it’s very well done.

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