Three unconventional takes on “pop” music that will have you feeling some vibes

Scoobert Doobert – “Feels so good”
-If you’ve been following my writing on alt and indie pop in the past year, you know this name well. Scoobert Doobert has a style that just works for me. It’s got a snappy, soulful energy and always clever lyrics. The overall vibe on this track is “feel good,” while also having this experimental savvy that makes it stand out from conventional rock music. The energy of the track is both relaxing as well as mentally stimulating; if you’ve ever been chillin with your friends with some high minded reflections, this song will definitely resonate. It’s certainly a mood.

Maximilien Gomart – “Girl, what’s going on?”
-The “hold me in your arms” harmonies on the chorus of this song made me say “yes” for sure. The rest of the song is good, too, but the energy on the chorus feels just right. It’s an interesting lyrical concept as it’s both a love song and a heartache song. The musical content mirrors this nicely with some moments of perfect harmony and other more unsettling sections, showing the complexity of a relationship really well. I like that it feels like the past (classic harmony) as well as the present (discordant explorations) in pop music.

Kylie V – “Runaway”
-I don’t always love understated pop like this, but Kylie V tapped into something special with this one. The harmonies, in particular, remind me of Rusty Clanton actually. The chilled out groove with the electric guitar just feels right. It’s got this vibey, almost angsty sense to it about just getting away from the situation. The hypothetical “what if?” questioning sentiment in the lyrics works perfectly with the mood of the track. It’s a balanced track that definitely makes me connect to a younger, unsettled version of my own psyche. It’s good to go there sometimes then pop back to reality.

Image courtesy: Kylie V IG

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