Three unique rock tracks that bring different textures to the time honored music tradition

Cliff Whitakker – “Call me the breeze”
-If you’re a long time classic rock fan, you’ll recognize this song immediately. It’s a classic tune with a lot of blues rock energy. Cliff Whitakker brings in some expressive vocal elements that makes for a creative and energetic style. The guitar riffs are clean, making for an engaging style that pulls the listener in from the opening line. The lyrics are easy to follow, featuring the importance of being an easy going and care free type of person. It’s an enjoyable tune with an excellent performance on both guitar and vocal.

Harry Isaacs – “Wave”
-The staccato form of the bass line on this track makes it immediately stand out. The expressive lead vocal gives the song a sound that makes listeners want to connect with it. The combination of instrumentation and vocal has just enough gruffness to feel like genuine rock n’ roll, yet the sound is polished enough that it can have a broader appeal. The syncopation in the percussion mixed with the message of the lyrics makes for a track that feels like a vintage mid-90s alt rock tune. It’s definitely worth spinning.

Milk Jennings – “Late Night – Alt”
-I think this song could probably feature on about three quarters of the playlists that we curate. Is it rock? Yes, absolutely. Is this a stripped down folksy version? Yes, as well. But the acoustic narrative form works so well for us we had to feature the song. There’s a sincerity in the vocal that just makes you believe the narrative in the lyrics. The subtle harmonies on the chorus are beautiful. As someone who has often had late nights that required a record to help me fall asleep, this song connects in a deeply personal way. I think music lovers will enjoy this track as much as I did. It’s a gem.

Image courtesy: Cliff Whitakker IG

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