Three engaging singer songwriters for your weekend playlist

Mandi Mapes – “Daffodil Floors”
-A piano… some atmospheric strings… and an amazing voice. Color me interested. Mandi Mapes writes with a poetic sweetness that caught my attention right away. I am sure there are some good comparison artists for this sound, but honestly I just want you to click play and listen to this beautiful songwriting. There’s an approachable sincerity to the song about seeking childlike freedom in your life. It’s about finding deep personal joy in your life. Mapes has a beautiful voice that conveys the lyrical meaning very well. If “pop” music had any credibility left in it, this song would be a top ten hit.

Aleksi Campagne – “Another day”
-The chromatic chord work on the acoustic guitar… oh my word… *swoon*. The layered harmonies on the chorus are also really good. The whole song feels like a bit of a fever dream. The lyrics are all about daydreaming through “just another day.” It’s an infinitely relatable song for a lot of people living in the 21st century, numb to day to day life. The theatrical lyrical turn focuses back on a failed relationship, imagining what could have been. This is powerful music. It’s a captivating message that holds the listener’s attention with some gorgeous musicianship. I plan to listen to this one personally throughout the year.

Jackson Welch – “And then there’s you”
-Fans of acoustic guitars and atmospheric folk will love this track from Jackson Welch. The easy comparison is probably Bon Iver, but Welch certainly deserves to stand on his own merits. The lead vocal lines have a delicate sincerity about them that works really well. The key line, “and then there’s you” is about how this person is somehow different, set apart, and not like ordinary people. I’m not sure if it’s a love song or a song about a muse. Is this “light” even a real person? Or is the idea of a person? I’m not sure entirely, but I do think it’s a beautiful piece of songwriting that lit up my imagination like crazy, making me think of people and situations from my own life. The sound is magical and the lyrics work really well.

Image courtesy: Mandi Mapes IG

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