Incredible Songwriting From Rising Talents

Robin Kester – “Infinity Song”

“Infinity Song” is a shimmering piece of quintessential indie rock. The sound is lush and dripping with heart. Vocally, Kester has found her place as one of the most intriguing modern talents. We love how this one builds masterfully before resolving into an indie electronic space that is highly satisfying. We have found an artist we are completely sold out for.

Cat Clyde – “I Feel It”

On her latest release, the empath Clyde explores the ups and downs this personality brings. If you have yet to be introduced to the art of Cat Clyde, we cannot recommend her catalog enough. She is an effortless talent with expressive tracks anyone can fall deeply for. While most of her work lays in classic rock and blues styles, we get major Fiona Apple vibes from “I Feel It”. Clyde is a must hear artist.

The Burnt Pines – “Bring Out Your Book”

I have been doing this musical critique gig for over ten years at this point. However, while I have had the pleasure to listen to some incredible music, the ones that stopped me dead in my tracks and screamed of greatness are in a small handful. “Bring Out Your Book” by The Burnt Pines is one of these such songs. It hits all the feels we have left from this type of work, and makes us remember why we love music. It definitely has a Paul Simon vibe, in both sound an songwriting. It is worth noting that the lead singer writes after putting four kids to bed and the band live across the globe from each other. It shows that talent finds a way regardless of circumstance.

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