Three folk singer songwriters that you’ll want to put on regular rotation

Kate McGill – “Roadkill”
-There’s a sweetness to this recording that is undeniable. The harmonies are absolutely magical. The lyrical concept is intriguing, with a gruesome image mix with such beautiful vocals. The juxtaposition between the lyrical image and the music is actually really fascinating. It’s the type of folk music that we don’t hear that often, but it can be quite comforting. The introspection in the track feels refreshing; it’s a cathartic song, particularly for anyone who has ever looked back on an unhealthy relationship.

Lina K.O. – “October”
-This song is subtle, yet gorgeous. In a world with so much “in your face” music, it’s nice to hear a more intimate recording style from Lina K.O. If you’re a fan of calm, thoughtful folk music you’ll find a lot to like in this track. The acoustic guitar and atmospheric elements create a perfect balance point for the lead vocal to come through. The lyrics are a bit hard to follow in some places, but the overall mood of the track is so peaceful and relaxing that it’s worth spinning even if the listener doesn’t fully catch the message. It’s an intriguing soft folk song.

J.K. Matthews – “Easy”
-This track has a bit more of a traditional narrative folk sound that you’re probably used to finding on this site. Matthews writes with a sincerity that immediately caught my attention. It’s got a fun, lighthearted spirit even if it’s got a somewhat serious message. Life is challenging, for sure. The song is about finding endurance even when life isn’t easy. The acoustic guitar provides a nice base for the vocal work. The lead is plenty strong, but the harmonies really make it pop. The overall mix is equal parts charming and relatable. This is what should be on the radio as country music. I would support this as a modern country song in a heartbeat.

Image courtesy: Kate McGill IG

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