Three softer rock tracks that bring energy and enthusiasm for this coming weekend

SYML – “Believer”
-We’ve featured SYML a few times in the past, so it’s always nice to see them in the inbox again. This track has a lot of chill, romantic energy to it. The harmonies, as always, are fantastic. That line, “hold me like no other, embrace my crookedness” is really well expressed. The lyrical concept blends romance with church-themed imagery, making for a flirty vibe. The whole composition is easy listening with a message that is equal parts cheeky and charming.

Rehash – “Letting go”
-I’ve listened to this track several times and with each listen I think of George Harrison. How’s that for a compliment? The chord progressions and chilled out electric guitar are perfect for that mid-60s chill pop energy. The careful melodic phrasing, expressed in vocal and guitar, keeps the focus on the significance of the melody itself. Once the vocal harmonies enter the track, it has that comfortable early Beatles energy to it. The lyrics have a romantic theme, perfect for an easy going playlist that will have you asking if it’s a Harrison deep cut every time you hear it.

Killer Cashew – “Untitled love song”
-I have some things to say about the title of this track, but I’ll let that slide for right now because it’s such a good song. The lead vocal here is really good, allowing the sound to resonate well. The tempo is just enough to keep it moving like a good rock tune, but also easy enough to follow along. It is, of course, a love song. It has catchy lines with a whistle solo. The energy is positive and engaging. It sounds like a song that was written with the intended purpose of being a pop rock hit. I like the whole thing, but the chorus makes it excellent.

Image courtesy: SYML IG

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