Three energetic indie rock jams to jumpstart your week

The Housing Crisis – “Better weather”
-If you’re looking for an up tempo jam, “Better weather” has that with a wonderful relatable lyrical concept. It’s about feeling depressed or sad and waiting for things to get better. The pop rock energy of the track is infectious and enjoyable. The lead vocal has a unique tone to it, with an expressive tenor range that works well for the pop rock style. As all good rock tunes, there’s a great quotable sing-along line and some great chords. The vocals on the chorus work well, also. This is the kind of pop rock music that has always appealed to me, so I’m glad to hear people are still creating it.

future.exboyfriend – “Haze”
-There’s a funkiness to the groove on this track that absolutely stands out for me. The smooth energy on this track is sure to make a lot of fans. It’s almost a genre-defying track as it has elements of electronic pop with rock and even a bit of soul to it. The chill funk style definitely makes it stand out from typical indie rock tunes. It’s about smoking to feel good… finding yourself in a bit of a haze. While we don’t necessarily connect with that lyrical element of the song, the energy of the track is undeniably intriguing. It’s got a snappy, bright energy to it that we’re happy to support. It would also work really well on a dance playlist if you’re looking for an excuse to get moving.

Echotape – “Little romance”
-The polished, up tempo sound of this track is sure to appeal to a lot of listeners. The richness in the production allow the layers to blend together well. The melody, chords, and vocals all work together well in a pop rock anthem. The chorus begs for the listener to dance and/or sing along. The energy of the track is evident from listen and only gets better with repeated listens. I appreciate the bouncy optimism in the lyrical hope of a new romantic connection. It’s relatable and a great tune.

Image courtesy: future.exboyfriend IG

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