Three up tempo rock tracks that will heat up this mid-December cold

Chazz Valentine – “Restless soul – Gill’s song”
-Okay so this song has it all. There’s a good kickdrum up tempo in the opening and then… BOOM! Fantastic vocals take over the track. This is quintessential pop punk music. Everything from the killer power chords to the amazing vocals are perfect for the song. “All I know is you tame my restless soul.” What a cool line, too! I immediately shared this song with a friend and said in all caps, “THESE HARMONIES ARE JUST SO GOOD!” That’s pretty much the take. I dig this song a lot.

The Collection – “Rose Colored Glasses”
-Alright there are a lot of things I can say about this track from The Collection, but the most important thing I can say is that they feel like a blend of several bands that I enjoy. Immediately I hear a bit of Needtobreathe in the sound, but then there’s a bit more of a pop rock that reminds me of bands that were on the radio back in the late 90s (think like Matchbox 20). The lyrical concept of “rose colored glasses when I look back at me and you” is such a cool idea and very relatable. It always happens when we look back on the past… the proverbial “one that got away.” Even if you weren’t in a relationship with a person, you have that feeling of what could have been. This song captures that emotion and mood perfectly. It’s a good listen with a fantastic, relatable lyrical concept.

Lina K.O. – “Two player mode”
-If you’re a gamer, this song will definitely resonate. The understated vibe really works for us on this one. The chilled out aesthetic is perfect. The vocal does a nice job of filling the space but not taking over too much. The guitars create a chill energy that situates the vocal perfectly. It’s the kind of song that is a mood as much as it is a specific message. “Baby it will all make sense, fall into place like Tetris.” Clever, intriguing, and definitely perfect for the gamers among us.

Image courtesy: The Collection IG

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