Three singer songwriters to start off your week with something special

Lauren Corrigan – “Me first”
-There’s a calming sentiment to this song that won me over right away. The way the vocal nestles into the mix is delightfully satisfying. Corrigan has a subtle yet evocative style about the way that she writes. The layered vocals on the bridge are so good also. It’s nice that the song builds to that bridge then gives such a wonderful payoff. “What to do with the truth? Have to choose to put me first.” Wow. The lyrics are empowering. I hope the right person hears this song.

Matthew Thomas – “All I need to hear”
-The chill acoustic style on this track speaks to me every time I listen to it. Thomas also has a great voice that works well with the style. The chord progressions and little chromatic elements in the melody appeal to me a great deal. I can personally relate to the lyrics when you just feel like that special someone is all you need to be happy and content. Although I might disagree about needing music in my ears… I definitely need music as well. This is a great tune with a relatable lyrical concept and an amazing melody. Give it a spin, friends.

Ethan Jacob Rose – “See Feel Love”
-The jangly folk string work at the heart of this song connected for me on first listen, but with subsequent listens I’ve come to appreciate even more layers. Rose reminds me a bit of Rusty Clanton and Adam Melchor, two brilliant songwriters we’ve been featuring for quite some time. The theatricality of this song really works well for us. The layers of the recording here create a sense of depth that helps to convey the type of deep, transcendent love that is at the core of the lyrics. If you’re looking for an appealing folk pop song that taps into some powerful lyrical concepts, definitely give Rose a listen.

Image courtesy: Matthew Thomas IG

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