Site Favorite The Vindys Shine in New “Bugs” Video

We love the Vindys. As native Ohioans, we have known about the massively talented act for years. We boast with music critic snobbery that we knew of them first. The buckeye state alums are finally getting their much deserved due with their latest album “Bugs”. The title track has been on heavy rotation for us this year, and we are glad to see it receive a proper music video. The band doesn’t take themselves too seriously as we see the charismatic frontman Jackie Popovec honing her acting chops in various roles. Yet, make no mistake, the earnest act can only have such fun via video because they are wildly talented, confident, and dynamic. Listeners would be hard pressed to find any tighter act who are naturals for arena style rock anthems. Musically and vocally they have all the makings of a soulful rock powerhouse.

But as we mentioned, we are a little bias. Take a view for yourself and afterwards, grab yourself some of their incredible merchandise on their website here.

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