Three unique takes on pop music that are catchy while being thoughtful

tinyumbrellas – “A Small Village”
-I am a sucker for a great first line. This one is, “the first thing I noticed when you walked in was your smile.” Now that might not seem profound, but I bet it’s relatable to you. We’ve all met someone that just immediately stood out to us; wow! Who is THAT?! This song builds on that concept about getting to know someone and being impressed by them. The approachable twee pop style works really well, with the lead vocal presenting a sweet and engaging sound. When you meet someone you feel like you’ve known for a long time… it’s a really unique and special feeling. “A Small Village” captures that well.

Limon Limon – “Roller coaster”
-I dig the vibes on this track a lot. It’s got this sense of forward momentum that feels really satisfying. The chorus really moves with some fascinating layered vocal work as well. The lyrical imagery of the “never ending ride” of the main concept of the song is definitely relatable. There’s a relentlessness to life that can feel thrilling at times and terrifying in other moments. This track captures that really well; it’s a song that feels like pop rock and then this existential philosophy smacks you right between the eyes. Enjoy the adventure on this one!

Meg Chandler – “Woodland”
-This is a song that is full of whimsical energy and some hard, heavy lyrics. It’s an emotional experience to listen to this song. Be warned that it combines nostalgia and loss in some brilliant, moving ways. Chandler’s vocal style works really well here, conveying the sentiments with clarity. The energy of the song continues to pull me in with each lesson. It feels like the way a good book can connect you with the past yet bring a vibrancy to the present as well. The combination of fantastical elements with spiritual depth resonates with me in pointed and poignant ways.

Image courtesy: tinyumbrellas IG

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