Three indie folk tunes to set the midweek mood

Haleigh Bowers – “Living proof”
-There’s a spirited expression in every line of this song. I really like Bowers’ vocal and the intricate detail on the melody. But these factors come together to create a “mood” unlike anything I’ve heard in indie folk this year. The whole energy of the track is satisfying and engaging. The song is fundamentally about learning from a relationship without having some neat and tidy lesson that you learn; it’s about moving on after something doesn’t work out. If you’ve ever been through a rough relationship and dealt with the tangled emotions in the aftermath, this song will connect. The genre swirl of the song is outstanding for fans of the Maggie Rogers vein of modern folk music.

Credit Electric – “Mocking bird”
-There’s a lot to like about this folk rock track from Credit Electric, but honestly it might be the keys that steal the show for me. I adore the quality of the lead vocal on this track and the easy going energy from start to finish. If you’re looking for a chilled out folk rock style, you can’t do much better than this tune. Credit Electric have a sound that reminds me of a late 60s or early 70s band in the vein of The Band. Much like those classic bands of the 60s, the overall vibe of the track is as important as the specific message of the song.

Casilian – “Hey son”
-From the first time I clicked play on this song, I felt a Fleet Foxes vibe to it. I’m not sure if it’s an effect in the production or just the spirit of its creation, but that’s pretty high praise for us folkies. This is a remarkable little song that holds a lot of spiritual and emotional brightness. I’m not if it’s actually about a son or a metaphorical son, but it’s definitely a thought provoking piece of songwriting. The peaceful nature of the acoustic layering and exquisite vocals make for a fascinating song. Fans of modern folk music will love this new track from Casilian.

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