Katy Rea Stuns on Her Beautiful Debut

Singer songwriter Katy Rea has an utterly captivating sound. On her debut album, The Urge That Saves You, Rea croons in a style that will draw comparisons to established artists like Angel Olsen as well as classic ’70’s acts. The recording style is one of our favorites as well. Rea has a way of bringing listeners into an intimate space, as if you are the only one in the space with her. It is raw, vulnerable, and deeply affecting.

“We Come Back” has a beautiful swoon to it before exploding in climax and resolution. Her vocal quiver reminds us of how Andrew Bird uses his vocals as an instrument. This is a great introduction to the rising talent and shows a lush but still personal instrumentation. For the album, she recruited artists who played with the likes of Fleet Foxes and Angel Olsen. The benefit of their contribution makes for a thoughtful release.

One of the many reasons we love Rea, is her ability to take one track, and turn it into an exploration of genre. On “Lord Try”, the artist blends doo-wop with classic country vocals. Her almost cinematic resolution, makes it a complete gem of artistic and theological beauty.

“Floods in Houston” has a slow burning rage within it, creatively expressed through Rea’s vocals. The foreboding guitar and lounge flavored piano, crafts a stunner of a track. We can hear why the artist calls this her favorite. Rea calls the track “a song about understanding a woman’s rage through the story of my mother“. Like everything she creates, it is personal and develops with her trademark authenticity and intention.

If you cannot tell, we are smitten with the sound and style of Katy Rea. She is an intriguing young talent who is sure to draw listeners to her authentic craft.

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