Three Americana tracks with inspiring depth and texture

Zach Angeloni – “Detroit shoreway living”
-The jazzy upright bass makes this song for me. The vocal is good and the acoustic guitar has a lot of character, but that bass really does it. The overall vibe of this track is genre-blending in the best way possible. The easy going lyrical sentiment does a nice job of soothing the listener. I’m not sure there’s a singular takeaway from this track, but for me it has a restorative complexity that makes me feel the same way I feel listening to the Milk Carton Kids. Fans of MCK or the Wood Brothers will find a lot to like with this new track from Zach Angeloni.

Jeremy Mage – “Walk with me”
-Everything from the piano to the air of the vocal feels like a gospel song. The lyrics are about removing a burden and being uplifted by a friend. The choral element on the chorus is really beautiful. There’s a lot about this track to enjoy; it’s important to remember regardless of your own faith commitments that gospel music has a rich and storied history in American music. The reassuring lyrics combined with the classic songwriting style works really well on this track.

Starling Arrow – “Into the River”
-I try really hard not to let things like album art influence my interpretation of music, but in this case I think it’s warranted. The image of the women from Starling Arrow in a literal river evokes the Sirens of mythology. There’s an earthy, rootedness to the sound from Starling Arrow that is evident from first to last note. The vocal harmonies have an intimacy and connection to them that make them really stand out. The overall energy of the track feels rooted and almost ancient in its composition. This is a captivating track and I hope many Americana fans will come to fall for this sound as well.

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