Three tracks in the “alt pop” space that will open your ears to a whole new style of music

Ed Tattersall – “Rescue me (acoustic)”
-This song has it all. From a rising acoustic energy to a meaningful, emotional vocal, the song feels like it was written with depth and sincerity. At times feeling a little like Springsteen and a little like U2, there’s an epic style to the track that we’re happy to support here. The combination of “alt” elements in the guitars and overall message with more grandiose production makes for a truly unique style. If you’ve ever felt a desperate cry to be free, to be rescued from pain and anguish in your life, then this song will certainly resonate. It’s a great tune with a captivating and emotional performance.

Adrian Bourgeois – “Scarecrow”
-I won’t be the first person to say this, but Adrian Bourgeois really reminds me of Adam Melchor. This song, “Scarecrow,” has a beautiful sense of melody. There’s a definitive folk acoustic element in the opening, which is melded into an electronic style. This won’t be a fit for some of our hardcore folk fans, but for folks who like a bit of a twist on the classic, this sound is sure to permeate. The melodic structure and exploratory sense of the song is definitely something that stands out from the crowd. Also, Bourgeois stays with a relatable pop-like melodic structure which serves as a cohesive element while the electronic styles present a sense of distortion and disconnection. It’s a careful balance, but it works here.

Ellur – “Now I’m alone”
-The piano work on this song is just wonderful. It’s got a soothing chord structure that provides a delightful basis for the thoughtful, heartfelt lead vocal. Something about this style continues to connect with me personally; but let me challenge you to stay with the song to feel the alt elements as well. They’re subtle and in the background, but they take the conventional singer songwriter elements to create additional depth. It’s more than reverb. There’s a whole production sense that’s meant to create that feeling of isolation and fear that comes from a world-altering breakup. You’re not supposed to feel comfortable listening to this song, but you are supposed to feel something. The emotion here is palpable. It’s well worth a spin.

Image courtesy: Ed Tattersall IG

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