Three pop rock tracks that will bring some energy and excitement to your playlist!

TAXI – “You and me (together)”
-I suppose the actual genre of this song is pop soul, but call it what you will this is an absolutely magical song. The energy makes you want to dance right away. The funky element of the song reminds me both of retro sounds as well as more recent artists like Bruno Mars and Silk Sonic. That’s pretty good company. Honestly, I could imagine this song playing on a playlist for a dance party or a workout and it could fit right in with artists like Silk Sonic. It’s a really fun track about being with someone that you hope to connect with. If you’re looking for a romantic track with a bit of funky swagger to it, give this track a sping.

Remy Reilly – “Avalanche”
-For me, Remy Reilly’s music is right on the intersection point between indie pop and pop rock. There’s a palpable energy to the track that propels the listener along. I admire the ability to shift time signatures and beats a few times in the track without losing that sense of momentum. Reilly sings with a soulfulness that I didn’t expect from the first line or so. The overall track feels like a quintessential modern pop song that brings together many different styles for something that feels both comfortably engaging while having just enough uniqueness to make it stand out from the crowd. It would be cool to see this song chart; it certainly has the chops to do so if it can just creep its way onto some bigger time playlists. Let’s spin and share to get it there!

Jake Hays – “All I’ve got to say”
-If you’re looking for an upbeat rock song (and who isn’t?) then check out this track from Jake Hays. It starts with a sort of understated explanatory section, but the percussion cues the listener that there’s an intense section coming. Near the one minute mark, things really take off and the song has that pop rock flavor to it. The entire lyrical concept around the song is about a misunderstanding in a relationship. Even still, the song feels relatable and the groove pulls the listener in for sure.

Image courtesy: Remy Reilly IG

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