Three indie pop jams to set the mood for the weekend

Shallow Alcove – “Girls at parties”
-The mood captured on this track is really something special. The indie pop vibe is evident from the very start. The mix of layered vocals and chilled pop rock works really well. The lyrics are emotionally charged with an introspective bent focusing on the meaning of fleeting social interactions. The chilled out pop rock style at the heart of the track definitely invites listeners into the narrative, allowing people to connect about times of shallow living and being personally distant. The lead vocal is beautiful.

Ryann Barnes – “Hearing loss”
-If you’re looking for a stylistic blend that has elements of indie pop and classic 80s pop, check out the latest song from Ryann Barnes. The lyrics have an incisive Taylor Swift style to them. The pacing and range of the track reminds me a lot of Swift as well. But that’s not to distract from Barnes’s own unique style, which has a clever wit and directness about blocking out some of the criticism that the world has a lot to offer. It’s an emotionally driven song with a lot of character.

Mark Diamond – “Moving on”
-The harmonies on this song are gorgeous. The stylistic blend of indie pop with a sort of vibey alt rock really comes across nicely on this track. The vocal harmonies are my favorite part of the song, easily. But the melodic structure and sense of movement in the song is also quite appealing. This is the kind of song that you’ll want on your playlists. It’s got a captivating yet calming energy to it and the message of perseverance is one that we can all benefit from, regardless of our life stage.

Image courtesy: Ryann Barnes IG

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