Three great tracks blending elements of folk and rock for blissful moments

The Warhawks – “Fade away”
-If you’re a fan of classic rock, you’ll find a lot to like about The Warhawks. There’s a viable throwback energy that feels like it’s influenced by bands as old as The Who all the way up to 90s alt rock. The guitars have the perfect amount of production polish on them to make them gritty without being too far distorted. The rowdy energy of the percussion and vocal both make for an upbeat song that feels perfectly situated in the contemporary rock tradition.

Caroline Pernick – “Breathing in the walls”
-We’ve been featuring singer songwriters since the very beginning of our site, so we definitely have a soft spot for this kind of music. The one thing that sets Pernick’s work apart is the distortion; we don’t usually approve this kind of thing. But in this case it captures the lyrical sentiment of uncertainty really well. In a song about hearing voices and the squirmy, weird feeling you feel being somewhere that isn’t right… the distortion fits. It’s definitely not for your feel good rock playlist, but if you’re looking for something a bit more artful and intentional, this track is quite unique. The anxious, unsettled energy of this track is certainly relatable in more ways than I care to admit.

WILDES – “(Run to the) Flames”
-At first glance this feels more like a cinematic folk song than a “rock” tune, but if you stay with it you’ll feel the rising energy. It’s got an artful energy that I really appreciate. The lead vocal is excellent, inviting the listener into the sweet familiarity of the song structure. It feels like walking into an enchanted forest or some other dreamlike setting. The orchestral style here is definitely unexpected, creating a satisfying depth to the composition that makes it feel more than the sum of its parts.

Image courtesy: Caroline Pernick IG

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