Three incredible singer songwriters in the indie pop space — including one of the best opening lines we’ve heard all year

Grace Gardner – “Deny me”
-First, click play… I’ll wait. (Let’s you hear the first line.) Now……. see why I’m featuring this song? OH. MY. WORD. The voice. The mood. It’s incredible. The sentiment of uncertainty and unrest is palpable. The intimacy of the recording is absolutely fantastic. Normally I would call lyrics like this “poetic,” but these are more like heart wrenching. Gardner has a style unlike any artist I’ve ever heard. This is truly artful and on another level than much of what we hear in indie pop. This is such a captivating piece.

Alisa Xayalith – “Superpowers”
-Fans of acoustic singer songwriters will find a lot to like about this track from Alisa Xayalith. The mashup of styles here really works for us on this one. The lead vocal has a great quality. Sometimes you hear an artist that just makes you happy to hear them sing. I felt an immediate connection with this style; the lyrics are all about finding your own strengths and not listening to the negative voices in your head. The self confidence and self coaching in this track really resonates with me. The pop rock energy builds through the track for a satisfying sonic payoff as well.

Leanna Firestone – “You just didn’t like me like that”
-I really doubt that when Leanna Firestone wrote this song she was thinking of a 39-year-old suburban dad big time relating to the lyrics, but here we are. I won’t get into exactly how I can relate to the song, but let’s just say that I can. Everything from the candid lyrics to the expressive, sincere vocal style work really well here. Even the quirky late-80s pop vibe feels absolutely right for the message of the song. If you are looking for music that will help you process emotions, particularly in a breakup, this song might be a perfect fit for a playlist that will help you get outside of your own head.

Image courtesy: Leanna Firestone IG

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