Three Americana and alt rock tracks that are perfect for a fall chill playlist

Ian Davies – “Stubborn”
-Well if this ain’t the best love song I’ve heard in a long time. It’s a chill folk rock style with a cool mid-70s feel to it. The vocal are quite approachable, inviting listeners to sing along. The lyric “I thought that you were nothing, I thought that you were everything; I thought about you babe.” Yep. That’s exactly what a love song is all about. The melody lines are nice and clean, creating a style that feels familiar but is brand new. This is great classic music that’s sure to find a lot of fans among our readership.

Charlie and Margot – “Skiptown”
-From the very first time I clicked play on this track, I felt like there was a Ryan Adams vibe to it. That’s high praise if you’ve been around our Americana coverage for any length of time. I appreciate the balance between emotionalism in the lyrics and expressive depth in the vocals. There’s just the right amount of production on the guitars to make them stand out from the crowd without being so distorted that they distract from the quality of the track. The whole mood and ethos of the track feels like quintessential rock n’ roll, expressing anger and frustration with an approachable, melodic style.

King Falcon – “When the party is over”
-The beat on this track propels the listener into a moving rock song. It’s got a unique lyrical style that feels a little more like indie rock than folk or classic rock, but it absolutely works for us here. The question at the heart of the lyrics is about where to go when the party is over. It seems like an existential question that goes beyond one singular party but more like metaphorically — what happens when the party life stage is over and it’s time to be “home now.” I might be reading into it a bit too much, but I love the attitude and swagger of the track. It’s a song that’s equally fitting for Americana or more of a pure rock playlist, but no matter what you call it the track absolutely slaps.

Image courtesy: King Falcon IG

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