Three acoustic folk singer songwriters perfect to enjoy with a sweater and a warm drink

Kimberly Walsh – “Love still burns”
-The entire atmosphere of this track feels comfortable. The vocal harmonies really capture my attention, but the acoustic guitar is really wonderful as well. When it all comes together, including some beautifully romantic lyrics, there’s just a warmth that emerges from the song. I am particularly impressed by Walsh’s consistent high quality vocal throughout the song. It feels like a song that could be at home on a wide range of playlists, so we would definitely recommend it for a “sweaters and coffee” style, perfect for this chilly fall season.

Weston T. Hine – “Down the line”
-I love this song. I mean from the first time I heard it I stopped what I was doing and focused on the tune. The guitar is excellent, the vocal is outstanding, and the poetic lyrics have a timeless quality to them. The funny thing is the song feels really “simple” in some senses, but there’s a beautiful atmospheric production element in the background that gives it additional cinematic depth. I would recommend giving the song multiple listens because each time I keep finding more to love about the track. This one is going on my song of the year candidate list. It’s that good.

Frances Luke Accord – “Window”
-After writing about Frances Luke Accord, I am finally able to remember that they are a duo rather than an individual. That fact should be immediately evident to anyone listening as there are some fantastic Simon and Garfunkel style harmonies on this track. If you’re looking for a bit more of an artful folk style, give this track a spin. These two are incredibly talented and continue to impress with each new release. It’s an unconventional folk mix compared to a lot of what we feature, but the harmonies and overall feel are so good we wanted to feature it here.

Image courtesy: Kimberly Walsh IG

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