Three acoustic folk singer songwriters you’ll want to add to your Autumn Playlist

Rosie H. Sullivan – “What a life”
-Take a deep breath and let this song wash over you. It’s really a remarkable piece of songwriting. Sullivan writes with depth and sincerity on this one. The gentle vocal harmonies on the chorus are absolutely divine. The overall composition takes elements of classic folk music with an almost sacred seriousness that blends it all together. If you’ve ever looked back where you’ve been with a sense of genuine reflection, this track will resonate. It’s quite impressive.

Last Year’s Man – “Time is a sparrow”
-I love the phrasing on this track. Last Year’s Man created a thoughtful, beautiful acoustic folk song. Something about the song reminds me of what I first loved about Noah and Abby Gundersen’s folk harmonies. There’s an energy to this track that feels like classic poetry. The imagery, the pacing, and even the vocal all have a timeless characteristic about them. Fans of folk singer songwriters will find a lot to like about this thoughtful reflection on the passage of time.

Oskar Nordbo – “Moonlight”
-The production on this track really helps it stand out, making Nordbo’s vocal emerge with brightness and conviction. If you’re looking for an inspiring folk song, listen to this thoughtful narrative. There’s a cathartic energy that comes across in the strumming of the acoustic guitar, allowing the listener to really lean into the lyrics on this one. I find it a perfect song for an Autumn Playlist. I hope you will add it to your list and share it with friends as well.

Image courtesy: Oskar Nordbo Soundcloud

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