Three indie rock tracks that capture emotional complexity while still packing a punch

Jaewon – “Slow death”
-There’s a solid energy to this track that immediately made it stand out for me. The fuzzy guitars and the soaring vocal work together really well for an energizing bit of rock music. We’ve featured Jaewon in the past and it’s easy to hear why. The lyrics are about all of the little things in life that make us feel like we’re not really alive. It’s about numbing over time (I think). Either way, though, I think the guitar riffs are killer and the energy of the track really pops for me.

Luke Fraser – “Hardly think of you at all”
-This is a heartbreak song, of course. It’s a really well written song that has elements of musical theater along with some rootsy jazz style as well. The chord changes are wild; I can’t imagine trying to play this song. But the emotion that it captures is absolutely magnificent. The overall style of the track belies genre while pulling the listener into the emotional state of the protagonist. The soaring vocal and jazzy production style make for a can’t-miss-it genre-defying piece of music. I’m a fan.

Deaf Andrews – “Yellow sandals”
-Something about the unison vocal in the opening of this track won me over right away. The track has an optimistic energy to it that comes through in both the up tempo style as well as the lyrical style. It’s the type of song that will have you tapping a toe or chair dancing if you put it on your workday playlist. The lyrics are perfect for daydreaming about having some fun on the weekend. I appreciate the bright energy and optimistic veneer of this enjoyable indie rock tune.

Image courtesy: Jaewon IG

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